Legion of Honor

Legion of Honor

2009 Legion of Honor

The SPE Fort Worth Section welcomes three members to the 2009 Legion of Honor, celebrating 50 years of consecutive membership in SPE. Each honoree becomes dues exempt and receives a certificate honoring this milestone. Many of this year’s Legion of Honor inductees have made important contributions to the Society and the industry.

This year's Honorees are:

  • Wyndell Thomas
  • Conrad Greer
  • Sterling Randolph

We will be honoring them at the May 28th meeting to be held at the Fort Worth Petroleum Club.


Wyndell Thomas grew up in Fort Worth and attended the University of Texas where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering in 1958. His first job was with Honolulu Oil Corporation in Levelland, Texas. Following the sale of the company to Pan American Petroleum, he held various engineering positions with American Petrofina, James A. Lewis Engineering and Reserve Oil and Gas Company. In 1975, he joined the Mitchell Energy subsidiary Southwestern Gas Pipeline Company as Vice President of Engineering and Production. In 1979, he transferred to Mitchell Energy Corporation as Vice President of the North Texas Region. He completed his career with Mitchell when he accepted early retirement in 1995.

In addition to his membership in SPE, he is a registered Professional Engineer (Retired) in the State of Texas. He served as Vice President of IPAA, Chairman of the Fort Worth Wildcatters, and the President of the Petroleum Club of Fort Worth. He continues to be a member of the Petroleum Engineers Club of Dallas and the Dutch Treat Wildcatters of Dallas.

He and his wife Frieda celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary in March and they have three children:

Michael Thomas is a Staff Operations Engineer for Pioneer Natural Resources

Karen Raven is Project Manager for BearingPoint Commercial Services

Alison Begeman is a Geophysical Engineer for Landmark, a subsidiary of Halliburton.

Conrad Greer’s expertise and experience is legendary within the oil and gas industry. Mr. Greer studied pre-law at Columbia University in New York and earned his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Southern California. He is a Petroleum Engineer (PE) registered in California and Texas. He has been actively engaged as an executive, petroleum engineer, chemist, consultant, and inventor since 1954. He is internationally recognized for his extensive work in the valuation of oil and gas properties, reservoir engineering, and the development of enhanced oil recovery methods, most particularly in applying advanced technology to the production of heavy oil. Mr. Greer’s petroleum industry experience includes exploration, acquisition, development, finance, and project evaluation. He has significant experience in chemical manufacturing, chemistry, and catalysis.

Mr. Greer has led corporations specializing in the formulation of joint ventures and limited partnerships for oil and gas drilling and production ventures. He has been directly responsible for ventures with budgets up to $70 million and production rates up to 32,000 barrels per day. He has served as an international business consultant to Venezuelan government organizations in the areas of oil, gas, and tar sand production. Mr. Greer has owned and operated his own petroleum exploration and development company and held executive officer positions in a number of corporations involved in the petroleum industry.

While employed by Texaco, Mr. Greer managed and directed the engineering team that developed and refined the steam-enhanced oil recovery method which resulted in one of the most financially successful oil recovery projects of its kind in the world. His exploration and exploitation experience includes development, appraisal, programming, and evaluation of exploration ventures for oil, natural gas, and geothermal steam in North and South America, but primarily in California, Texas, and Venezuela. He has authored and published several significant technical papers and holds important patents and patent applications related to oil exploration and production. His inventions include oil field steam generation equipment, electronic well testing and oil detection equipment, heavy oil dehydration and crude oil de-sanding equipment, various high temperature casing designs and mechanical application techniques, electric oil recovery, artificial lifting techniques designed to pump abrasive slurries, and numerous analytical and design formulae and processes.

Sterling Randolph finished high school in Edna, Texas and went into the oil business because his Dad worked for Mobil Oil Corp for 40 years. He graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with a BSPEn in 1959, along with his twin brother who is also a retired Petroleum Engineer.

Sterling worked for Tenneco Oil Co as a reservoir engineer in Shreveport, international staff engineer in Houston, and as the Canadian Division Reservoir Engineer in Calgary. He left Tenneco and worked for two years in Libya as a reservoir engineer with Occidental Petroleum. He then returned to Tenneco on the Chief Engineer’s staff, Gulf Coast Division Reservoir Engineer, and Gulf Coast Operations Manager in Houston. Later, he spent two years as a Vice President at Houston National Bank (owned 40% by Tenneco). Afterwards, Sterling opened an office in Shreveport for J-W Operating and was the District Manager for two years.

He then went into business for himself for 19 years in Abilene, Texas as the owner of Quest Petroleum, Inc., Encon Engineering, Aero Perforating and C&R Well Service. He retired in 1996 but then spent the last ten years of his career with Burnett Oil Co., Inc.

He has been a Registered Professional Engineer in Texas and Louisiana.

He is married and has two children and four grandchildren. He now spends most of his time playing golf and traveling in his motorhome.

2008 Legion of Honor

The SPE Fort Worth Section welcomes four members to the 2008 Legion of Honor, celebrating 50 years of consecutive membership in SPE. Each honoree becomes dues exempt and receives a certificate honoring this milestone. Many of this year’s Legion of Honor inductees have made important contributions to the Society and the industry.

This year's Honorees are:

  • William Champion
  • Jerry Eskew
  • Nolan Mullins
  • George Winter


Jerry Eskew attended Texas Tech University and earned a BS in Petroleum Engineering in 1957. He then went to work for Texas Pacific Coal & Oil Co., based in Fort Worth. He also worked for Aztec Oil & Gas, Mitchell Energy & Development, Windfohr Oil Co., which is now Burnett Oil Co., Murjo Oil and Royalty Co., Enterprise Energy and First National Bank of Fort Worth. He co-founded EXPRO Engineering, Inc. in 1986 and he is a partner with Keystone Exploration, Ltd.

George Winter received his B.S. Petroleum Engineering University of Houston, 1958. I was a student member of S.P.E.

February 1951- November 1953, U.S. Army.

1947-1950; Prior to entering Army worked as roustabout, roughneck/derrick man during summers for Humble Oil and Refining Company in Welsh, Grand Isle, and New Iberia, Louisiana.

1954-1958; Engineering Clerk, Engineer-in-Training, Western Natural Gas Company (WNG), Houston, Texas. 1959-1963; Drilling Engineer WNG. Operations in South and West Texas, South Louisiana, Rocky Mountain region and Canada. Company sold to Sinclair Oil and Gas Company. Served as staff engineer in Houston Division. Represented Division on Special Corporate Committee to evaluate drilling and completion practices and recommend modifications to improve completion efficiency, productivity, recovery and reduce costs.

1964-1966; Staff Engineer, McWood Corporation, Houston, Texas. Directed field operations in heavy oil recovery projects in Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas. Designed and supervised installation of pipeline from dock facilities to tank farm, Port of Brownsville to receive bonded heavy crude from Mexico.

1966-1969; Manager of Operations, Sinclair Mediterranean Petroleum Company, Alger, Algeria. Developed and executed programs for development of the Rhourde el-Baguel and Mesdar fields. Modified rig specifications in bid document and drilling procedures and resulting in reduced well costs by fifty (50) percent. Liaison with French partners in the Association and Algerian authorities. Company sold to Arco and the Algerian concessions were nationalized.

1970-1989; Core Laboratories Inc., Dallas, Texas. Served in the Engineering and Consulting Department (E&C). Various client assignments involved developing educational programs, acquisition and reserve evaluations, developing drilling and completion programs and onsite supervision. Served as advisor to project leaders of detailed reservoir simulation studies for drilling and production techniques and economic parameters. Other assignments involved travel throughout Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, South America, and the U.S.. Served as Company representative to the Advanced International Program in Oil and Gas Financial Management sponsored by the Center for International Accounting Development at The University of Texas at Dallas. After company sold to Litton Industries E&C relocated to Houston and reorganized, eliminating my position.

1990-1997; Worldwide Petroleum Consultants, Inc., Irving, Texas, President and C.E.O. This small consulting firm was involved in petroleum and environmental studies and training programs primarily for the World Bank and U.N. Areas included Belize, Peru, Bolivia, Guinea Bissau, Syria, Madagascar, and Myanmar. The Corporation dissolved when three of the five principals elected to retire.

I am married to Bonnelle and we have six (6) children and ten (10) grandchildren. We retired to Pascagoula, Mississippi in 1998, but hurricane Katrina flooded our home and brought us back to Texas.

S.P.E. sponsored seminars, short courses, regional and national meetings have enhanced my professional career. The opportunity to meet and talk to my peers about various technical issues, along with the technical publications available helped me to develop sound solutions to many of the issues I dealt with. I would encourage all young professionals to experience these opportunities.

2006 Legion of Honor

In May we will honor 9 members of the section that are 2005-06 Legion of Honor Recipients. They are as follows:

Emmet Balch Thomas Morris

Bobby Carpenter George Saughter

Robert Casey Neil Toler

David Gore James York

Dale Hendricks